Cookies bring happiness

and all anyone wants is

to be happy 

Although our Chef's creations have been satisfying bellies and putting smiles on faces for decades, it wasn't until his perky life partner had a stint in Austin, Texas that sparked the birth of Suga Rushd. The concept was simple enough: bake cookies, then deliver cookies to customer, warm and fresh. Knowing how ripe Stockton is for anything new, and how much talent Chef possesses, the stars aligned and our Suga Rushd journey began.

Stockton is unique and our 'Valley mentality' means we do things a little different. We are doing our part to make our city a home everyone can be proud to call home. We also want everyone to experience overwhelming feelings of happiness all the time, not just when eating a delicious Suga Rushd treat.   

Happiness is as simple as a good cookie! 

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